Virtually any textile can be incorporated into a design for a bag or accessory. Working with some of the best mills in the world, we usually bond the cloth to make it resilient enough to be used as either a lining, trim or even the main fabric. The combination of calf leather and wool is classic and reminiscent of traditional automobile upholstery where only the chauffeur would sit on the harder-wearing leather seat.

Working with Paul Stephens, we used the iconic 1970s houndstooth black and green seating of the Porsche 911 to create a collection that celebrates their association with the Le Mans Classic and the classic sports car.

We are able to source a wide range of cloths and can even weave bespoke designs.

Working with the Lovat Mill in Scotland, we have produced a range that combines their Shepherd’s check tweed with our carbon-fibre effect calfskin. The combination of vintage cloth with contemporary leather is aesthetically pleasing and practical.

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