Driver Utility

Not sure about you but I'm starting to think that I need a handbag. Keys, wallet, phone, ear pods, charger, cable, loose change, chewing gum; all of it, the modern day detritus that used to go into my glove box. Or door pocket. Or both.

I tried to put some into the modern day centre console and drinks holder as the current glove box isn't even suitable for fitting gloves into. Air bag takes up most of it while the cars manual the majority of whats left. I'd put it on the passenger seat but then if I have to brake sharply or turn a corner even mildly aggressively, the whole lot ends up in the footwell. Modern clutter in a modern car is rubbish.

So what we have here is the Caracalla utility. I used to think that a premier league footballer carrying a wash-bag into training was full of hair product. But the clever design of the inside pocket of this means the phone is in easy reach. It also means that it is kept away from getting scratched but most importantly, it is just a lovely way to carry my clutter. This version is in the houndstooth fabric but they are also available in myriad colours of leather.

If you are thinking of providing a digital press kit at a product launch or having someone continue to carry your brand long after you've brought something to market, the Caracalla utility is an ideal way to leave a lasting impression.

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