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Gifting: What you need to know

A quick guide to what makes us different

Given that the world is having a hiatus right now, it has given us time to analyse what we do and how we do it.

While we have our history in luggage and leather accessories with an automotive theme, did you know that we do much more than that? We have a very varied skillset at Caracalla that includes but is not limited to: fashion, public relations, photography, sportswear, design, branding, fine art, licensing and textiles.

We aim to offer a great customer experience from initial conversations to full delivery, we work as part of your team.

We are more than just motorsport

While we love it, our drive is to help you create something that can support any brand. From key rings to complete luggage, corporate portfolios to adventure backpacks, we create something with lasting value. We are known for our leather expertise but we also cater for textiles too. We are always looking at new fabric, designs and technology which you will see us deploy during this year.

We have made some great things

There are many products that we have that give us great pride in our work. Our heritage product has served us well but the new products, the new designs, they are helping to move us forward and shake things up in our market.

We are not cheap

We could cut corners, but we don't. Our integrity is built on having a product that lasts. Our team are always looking to make deep research into what works as a product and for the planet before simple profit. Our product is competitive but quality of product will live long after the price is forgotten.

We know what we are talking about

Of course, you think we would say that but we actually do. The mistakes we have made means that you don't have to. We know what works and we know what doesn't. We know how to leave the right impression with your customers and we can help you keep them. We know the competition and we know all our strengths and weaknesses. We'll tell you if we think we're the right fit and we'll tell you if we're not. Time is precious and we don't intend to waste yours.

Want to know more?

Get in touch. Phone, email or call in to see us if you're in London. We always have biscuits!

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