Get out more

Get out more

As we take tentative steps outside from the COVID-19 lockdown, we have some news that is actually from February. We have been busy. We have been travelling. Now we can share a little of what were up to.

"Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road." One of many quotes from Jack Kerouac and his novel, On the Road. It is apt as back in the autumn of 2019, we sat discussing some ideas for the following year. It seems fair to say that no-one could have predicted exactly how 2020 was going to be. I certainly didn't expect to spend seven weeks indoors and watch the seasons change through a window. But as we now begin to return to going out, we can share with you what we've been doing. Road Trips. Not for any other reason than we love them.

Lets go

Driving for pleasure is one of life's luxuries and there are many great routes here in the UK. Alex Lawrence and his wife, Jo, have done more than their fair share of them all over the world. Armed with their experience, we have decided that we are going to produce ten free UK routes for you to enjoy. All we ask is that if you do decide to use them, adhere to the speed limit and take your time. From tunnel blasting in his home city of Birmingham to driving from Mexico to Alaska, Alex and his wife have many trips to share. So, we've decided that this will be our first step of a new venture.

Welcome to Caracalla GT.

While car people may know of the EVO triangle in Wales or bikers and camper vans will hit the North Coast 500, there are so many more and, whisper it, better drives to be done around the country. So allow us to let you see what we're doing. There are ten routes here that you can download in a printable PDF and phone friendly version if you're taking a navigator with you. We'd love to know what you think. Mid-term, we will build a website and we have also made plans to create a road trip navigation app for iOS and Android but first, we would like to know what you think. Where will you go? Who you going to go with? And what form of transport will you be doing the journey in? Stay safe and we hope to see you on the road very soon.
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