Caracalla leather bags made in italy helmet bag

Crowning Glory

We have a range of inspired helmet bags to allow you to ride and race tastefully.

To become king of the road, you first need to wear a crown.

Whether that is on a circuit or out on the open highway, donning protective headwear is common sense and a legal requirement. It can be stylish and cool as well as safe. Not something you generally equate to outer wear with a safety first, functional purpose.

From a plain coloured helmet through to a carbon fibre, bespoke painted design, the options to create your own personal head protection is limited only to your means and imagination. Inside the paddocks of Formula One, the helmet designs are gleaming intricacies of designer artwork. Walking around the classic paddock at Goodwood, it is clear that this trickle down design approach is also making for some striking accoutrements within some of the most prestigious classic racing events too.

Surprising then, to find these wondrous and multi-coloured lids to be stuffed inside any old box, carton or cloth sack after use! Fortunately, Caracalla can provide you with a suitably stylish way to protect your investment.

With their helmet bag, they offer discernible pilots a very classy storage solution not only for the helmet, but also your HANS racing brace, your shades, phone and belongings. These beautifully crafted calf leather bags are timeless pieces to have in your luggage collection.

Devoid of internal zips to avoid damaging your head gear while stored, the Alcantara gives a soft cushioned interior to the hard-wearing outer layer of your choice. Richard Wheat, Managing Director of Caracalla said, ‘We wanted to offer something more than just an off-the-shelf holdall that didn’t offer any protection to the investment people make in their lids. It needed to be practical but stylish, high-quality and elegant and befitting of people who make discerning choices in their luggage.’

‘We have recently started designs on textile versions that will see us imbue our classic style further’ continues Richard. ‘Fingers crossed you will see a few more in the paddock at this years Goodwood Revival which will hopefully be running this autumn.’

When not being used to keep your helmet in best condition, they are a practical sized holdall for weekends away. The upper case has easy access for folded pieces and the lower compartment protects shoes, tech and toiletries.

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