2020 Calendar

2020 Calendar

With Melbourne receiving an eleventh hour cancellation, it means a delayed start to the 2020 F1 program. It is annoying, a disappointment, but it is the right thing to do.

The decision taken by McLaren to pull out and support their staff was a noble and just call. We, along with all supporters of the sport, can only hope everyone remains safe and secure at this time and we look forward to a return to racing as soon as it is safe to do so.

Other sporting events are also taking postponement options and we hope that they are only postponed rather than cancelled.

With 78MM at Goodwood becoming another delayed event today, it does make us think when the re-scheduled event might happen. The thought of having Members Meeting take place in the later months of the year, would throw the possibility of more low-light, night racing. A prospect we would relish to see.

But this affects us all. Businesses large and small will take a while to adjust and some may not survive. It is a sobering thought for everyone.

We wish all of you well while we wait for solutions to these issues, and we hope that we get to see you in and around these events soon.

Take care of each other, be kind and wash your hands.

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