The Rake

Nov 22nd, 2018

For anyone interested in style, fashion and good living, The Rake magazine is considered the bible of good taste. Recently celebrating its 10th anniversary, it is read globally and is “the modern voice of classic elegance”.

I remember the first time I saw a copy of The Rake, and being impressed with how it felt; the thick glossy paper and the hard binding. But it was the content that really blew me away. The way they mixed brands together to create their own look was sublime. Before The Rake, nobody was mixing Rubinacci, Ralph Lauren and Savile Row together, at least not in the media. But it tapped into the Zeitgeist of how men wanted to dress. We didn’t have to choose any more. You could still be loyal to your tailor and buy ready-to-wear from contemporary designers and mix it all up. It showed us how a beautifully structured Cifonelli blazer could be dressed down with a t-shirt while retaining its power and gravitas. The writing was excellent too and featured men who had lived extraordinary lives in a stylish and elegant manner.

As well as featuring the powerhouses of men’s luxury such as Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren, you could learn about the smaller artisanal brands that had little or no web presence.

And with the success of The Rake, came a new community of followers. Brands that would have had no contact suddenly had a reason to engage. The events that The Rake have held to celebrate London Collections Men (now London Fashion Week: Men) and at Pitti Uomo, the bi-annual trade fair in Florence are legendary. Designers, tailors and stylists from all over the globe exchange views and admire clothing.

In 2015, they launched their online atelier offering tailoring, accessories and some very special watches. I remember how some were asking how a successful magazine could become a profitable online retailer but their founder, Wei Koh, understands his reader and knew how he wanted to shop. He knows how the modern consumer wants the story behind the product and brand to justify the expenditure.

Brands on The Rake atelier include Edward Sexton, Z Zegna, Ettinger, Piloti and Gieves & Hawkes. It is well worth a visit, particularly on Black Friday where, the rumour is, there are some bargains to be found.

We are delighted that Caracalla 1947 will soon join the ranks of these fine brands offering our classic pieces as well as some very rakish collaborations.