The City Concours: 7th/8th June 2018

Jun 15th, 2018

Last week saw the second edition of the London Concours. Although a relatively new event, it is sure to become a fixture in the social calendar of a true motoring enthusiast.  The location certainly does not disappoint; these types of events are famous for their prestigious venues, and have to compete with the likes of Villa D’este on Lake Como, Hampton Court and Blenheim Palace. But in the grounds of the Honorary Artillery Company, the perfect automotive garden party has been created, and you feel as if you have stepped out of the City into a traditional shire town complete with a cricket pitch. You need to actively look up to the skyline to remind yourself that you are still in the centre of town!

concours 1


This is the perfect atmosphere to appreciate the fine motorcars that have been assembled to enjoy over the two day event. Over 80 cars compete in six different categories and it is a pleasure to view such a wide-range of quality vehicles of a variety of class and age.

It is difficult to pick a favourite, but we were rather impressed by the sheer range of Ferraris on display, and we were naturally drawn to the 1961 Ferrari 250GT competitizione that was a favourite of Sir Stirling Moss, who paid it the ultimate compliment when he said, “Without a doubt it is the greatest Ferrari road car – perhaps the greatest road car of any make. You really could drive it to a race, compete – and win – then drive it home!” And win he did. Out of a total of six races in the 250GT, Moss won five, including victories at Silverstone, Daytona and Goodwood.

concours 2


The world of luxury watches is intrinsically linked to the world of motorsport, and Swiss brands Breuguet and Glashuette were displaying their latest models.Our friends at the Royal Automobile Club can be relied upon to bring an eclectic collection of vintage cars to the Concours, and this year was no exception, with models ranging from a  1900 Daimler Phaeton (which has the honour of being the first car driven by royalty) to a 2004 Porsche 911 GT3 R3. As well as cars, there was a fine display of motorcycles from Brough Superior.

With the fine weather, a champagne tent and a stunning collection of vehicles, there was no finer place to be.

concours 3


Photo credit: Tim Scott - Fluid Images Website / Instagram

The Moss Washbag



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