Caracalla 1947 crafted a unique luggage collection for the Paul Stephens Porsche

Jul 6th, 2018

On Tuesday 3rd July, Team Caracalla was invited to Aspley Tailors in Pall Mall to celebrate the ‘pre-launch’ of a very special car from Porsche specialist Paul Stephens.

Created in conjunction with Le Mans Classic to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the event, Paul Stephens is producing a limited edition of the iconic 911 Porsche model.  The car begins as an original body tub, which is then restored ahead of conversion into the Clubsport model. It was then comprehensively rebuilt to appear like new, constructed using the Paul Stephens’ `less-is-more’ ethos and includes a lightweight, de-seamed roof panel, lightweight composite bumpers, a lightweight engine cover, a lightweight aluminium bonnet, lightweight soundproofing and aerodynamically-designed lightweight external mirrors.

Powered by a 300 bhp, 3.4 litre air-cooled flat six, the craftsmanship and attention-to-detail means the car includes a new cross shaft-less ITB injection system with GT3 RS plenum, which offers a scintillating power-to-weight ratio and sprints from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds before hitting a top speed of 175 mph.

As befitting such a legendary car, hundreds of hours have been spent working on the interior with full leather ST-style touring seats trimmed in black leather and the unique, Le Mans Classic-green, black and white houndstooth.  The hand-stitched leather interior panels, the door pockets are in houndstooth, the floor mats are in green boucle and the foot plates are aluminium. The dashboard boasts bespoke dials with a 24-hour clock, and, as a nod the car’s touring credentials, features a luggage box mounted where the rear seats would traditionally be located.

Caracalla was commissioned to create a bespoke luggage set to complement the car. Working closely with their creative director Rebecca Stephens, we chose a deep, black French calf for the shell of the collection trimmed with a punchier racing-green leather. The Le Mans Classic houndstooth was used to line the inside of the piece, as well as on the trimming of the luggage tag and in the shoulder strap detail. At the heart of the collection is the classic Imola holdall, which boasts a full-zip, external passport pocket, a re-imagined traditional document bag with a protective laptop sleeve and a driver’s tented utility bag. All ten cars will be supplied with a double set of luggage and a sturdy leather strap that will hold the collection in place whilst touring. As well as fitting the car perfectly, we feel it captures the essence of both the Paul Stephens and Le Mans Classic brands.

The official unveiling of the car will be held at the Le Mans Classic race (6th to 8th July) at the Circuit de la Sarthe. As expected from a bespoke operation, all ten cars will be made to personal specifications and there are a host of options available, depending on whether you require a lightweight sporting model or a more modern, luxurious aesthetic. However, all owners will have the honour of parading their car at the 2020 event, as well as partaking in the famous Le Mans starting ritual.

The event was a great success where car enthusiasts, journalists and friends shared an evening of champagne, canapés and glorious sunshine. The Porsche 911 holds a special place in many people’s heart and is a 20th century design classic that is respected beyond the world of motorsport. Paul Stephens elegantly captures all that is loved about the design and have updated it with sophistication and elegance.

paul stephens 1

The Le Mans Classic x Paul Stephens collection

paul stephens 2

The Le Mans Classic x Paul Stephens pre-launch at Aspley tailors of Pall Mall

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