Our design philosophy is simple; combine the best of British design with the best of Italian craftsmanship


Caracalla is a British brand, inspired by a passion for motorsport and luxury travel. The company was founded in 2005 by Simon Jordan after losing his leather holdall on a racing trip in Italy. Unable to find a suitable replacement, he decided to create his own collection. The design philosophy behind the brand is simple; combine the best of British design with the best of Italian craftsmanship, and use only the finest materials.



At Caracalla we use only the very best material. We select calf shoulder hides sourced from French cattle, as they are cared for and reared in well-kept fields.

Selected and colour graded by an experienced hand and eye, ensuring only the finest materials are chosen for the crafting of each and every item. Because of a preference for 100% natural grain leathers, a deeper inspection is required using very strong lights to show up any imperfections hidden to the naked eye. Only when the leather has passed these stringent quality checks is it passed for approval.

The strong and durable polyester thread with high-breaking strength and optimum stretch characteristics features in all items. High performance standards are essential and it's interesting to note the same quality thread is used in the manufacture of seat belts and air bags.

Our selected tannery is based in the Tuscan district of Santa Croce sull' Arno, renowned for its artisans which use only quality vegetable-tanned leather and traditional methods and finishes to produce the finest leather.

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