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Radford was a prestigious coachbuilding company dreaming up creations for the likes of the Fab Four. 2021 sees the name return with a 62 car production run and the design is draped over a Lotus Exige. But it isn’t just the outside that has been changed. Caracalla takes a look under the skin of this new old British brand.


The E-type Jaguar may be one of the most iconic car designs ever produced but not everyone likes it.
Caracalla’s Alex Lawrence had a chat with people over at E-Type UK who might just persuade you to change your mind.

alex lawrence commercial photographer


I’m Alex

I’m a photographer and writer as well as lover of all things beautifully designed. I first came across Caracalla 1947 back in 2007 when I purchased a holdall from them to take on business trips. Today, I not only shoot for them, I also write this news section. I am constantly mocked by Chris Modoo for my lack of fashion sense.


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