Flying High

Inspired with a passion for aviation and engineering adventure from their father, Giles and Nick English have created a British watch brand in his honour. The brothers and their Bremont brand have reminded us just exactly that a smart watch is mechanical.

Nick and Giles English were flying their 1930s German biplane across France when engine trouble forced them to land in a farmers field. During their night stop, they discovered that the farmer had been a pilot during the war, an engineer and also had a love of horology.

Having lost their inspirational father tragically a short time before this incident, this encounter led them to name their new business venture after their 78 year old French host; Antoine Bremont.

Founded in 2002 and launched in 2007 following five years of research and development, they came to market with a deep knowledge of a craft that Britain had once led, yet watchmaking in the UK was all but dead.

Aviation was a love that had been gifted to them from their RAF father until his tragic death in an accident while practicing for an air display in 1995. The accident had also left Nick with more than 30 broken bones but it also led both Nick and Giles to honour their father’s other passion; mechanical watchmaking.

They haven’t rested on their laurels either. The brand has expanded to diving and motorsport inspired products and along the way, they have had some inspired ‘special editions’. Parts of The Wright Flyer, Spitfire, P51 Mustang and Concorde in some, while the Bremont Victory had a middle barrel forged from brass nails taken from Nelson’s flagship from the Battle of Trafalgar.

It was a brave move that continues to pay off. The brothers passion is evident when talking to them as well as when wearing the product they produce. It underlines that the best of British still exists.