How to fly with hand luggage

Jul 12th, 2018

Travel is an important part of modern business and, as much as we can Skype and email 24 hours a day, sometimes the only way to close the deal is to meet face-to-face.  Quick trips overseas require you to take hand-luggage only and  you often don’t have time to wait for your luggage to come off  from the carousel or, worse still, get lost - you need to make a speedy exit and be on your way.

Even with more generous hand-luggage allowances available, , there is always a risk that you could be asked to check your bag in if it is a very busy flight or you are late to board. But, if you dress and pack with intelligence, you should be able to survive a single-night overseas trip with just a briefcase.

Briefcase Brown AW16 Collection Front 

Any bag that can be stowed under the seat in front of you  will not require to be   checked in and you are guaranteed to keep possession of it.

Packing Tips

  • Your laptop is probably essential but consider upgrading to a tablet with a keyboard. This is significantly lighter and will also negate the need to bring the cumbersome charger.
  • Don’t forget the charger (and charge your tablet and phone at every opportunity).
  • Dress in dark colours and select hi-twist wools that are resistant to creasing. Plain colours are better than patterns.
  • Wear slip-on shoes to avoid wasting time at security and the hassle of snapping laces.
  • Avoid trousers or skirts that require belts. Self-supporting is easier and more comfortable.
  • If you require an outerwear piece, consider a lightweight raincoat.
  • A lightweight cashmere scarf is a boon to the modern traveller.
  • Wear a jacket or blazer and select something with plenty of useful pockets.
  • Roll spare shirts and underwear – this will prevent creasing.
  • If you need to pack spare shoes, use disposable shower caps to protect your other clothing and paperwork.
  • The 100ml liquid rule is a challenge. It is worth buying some sturdier bags (Muji stock good ones) as they will carry more than those supplied at the airport.
  • Small “travel” sized products are expensive. Stock up on samples when you go shopping (just ask) and always take the full complement of products from your hotel stays.
  • Remember: you only need to put liquids in the bag. Toothbrushes, razors and brushes can be stores separately.
  • Always pack a fresh long sleeve t-shirt. They can be worn as pyjamas or as underpinning pieces.
  • Gentleman, always pack a tie and a collared shirt. It always best to err on the side of formality. A knitted tie takes next to no space and will not crumple.

Featured image: The Essential Brown Briefcase