Fears Watches

Nov 9th, 2018

It is always a pleasure to talk to our customers who share our passion for motorsport, classic cars and travel. In our “universe” there is a shared ideal of elegance, and conversation often leads to our favourite hotels, restaurants and fashion. But one of our favourite topics of conversation is watches. The world of motorsport is closely linked to fine timepieces.

The larger luxury Swiss and German brands are active sponsors in the world of F1 and have a strong presence in the classic motoring world. Some classic timepieces such as TAG Heuer Monaco enjoy cult status due to their association with Steven McQueen and his epic races at Le Mans.

But, like in the world of classic cars, for every international luxury brand there is a small, artisanal company that will appeal to the customer who appreciates something a little more esoteric. Another similarity is that one is rarely enough and they soon become collections!

A smaller watch brand that appeals to both the collector and the gentleman looking to invest in a beautiful everyday timepiece that has both quality and provenance, is Fears.

The brand is one of the oldest British watch companies, with a history stretching back to 1846. The brand become dormant in the 1960s but was imaginatively and elegantly revived in 2016 by a sixth-generation of the Fears family, Nicholas Bowman-Scargill. In 2017, they introduced the Brunswick which was their first UK-made mechanical watch and has quickly become a favourite amongst horologists and fans of classic style. The detail is subtle and every material used is considered.

November 2018 sees the launch of the second Brunswick model, the “Midas”. As the name suggests, it is a golden version of the stainless steel original. It is created with a Phosphor Bronze case that has been coated in 18ct rose gold and 9ct rolled gold. The result is rich with great depth, and has that wonderful vintage feel and patina that usually only develops with years of careful wear.

There is a wonderful selection of leather straps to choose from to complement the shade, all sourced from a British tannery. The gold will combine well with black, tans, and dark browns, but our particular favourite is a slightly brighter navy shade called “Brunswick Blue” that works well with both formal and casual attire.

The Brunswick Midas is a limited edition, so the interested customer should make contact soon as they will sell out fast.



Fears Bristol Leather Strap - group shot Fears Brunswick _Midas_ - Enamel White dial on a Fears Ultra Dark Blue Bristol Leather strap - Dual Gold 'Stippled' movement visible through exhibition caseback