Caracalla appoints Alex Lawrence as director of media

Sep 24th, 2018

Alex Lawrence joins Caracalla as director of media. A talented photographer and art director, Alex has worked with GQ, The Sunday Times, Classic Car magazine and a host of other top-drawer publications.

Alex started his career as an IT consultant but has always had a love of art and enjoyed sketching and painting as a way of harnessing his creativity and escaping from the office grind. It was this passion that led him into photography, where he enjoys capturing beautiful images with his camera and later using them as his painting/drawing subject. Purchasing his first DSLR in 2011, Alex challenged himself to improve his skills and soon became passionate about the combination of art, light and technology that is involved in creating the perfect shot.

When Alex borrowed a friend’s sports car to photograph as a personal project, the results were so impressive that he decided to finally leave the IT sector and founded The Whitewall Media Company in 2013.

While Alex is both interested and knowledgeable about the automotive and motorsports world, he is the first to admit that his passion is driven from a largely aesthetic perspective and that his favourite subject matter is actually people. The ability to tell a person’s story through photography is Alex’s greatest asset and he has captured, amongst many others, Jenson Button, Chris Harris and Sir Clive Woodward.



Pictured: Jenson Button, Chris Harris and Sir Clive Woodward