The making of our signature holdall

Aug 30th, 2016

The Classic Holdall consists of 135 separate and equally important components. All parts are made and selected for their performance and quality, from the leathers to the zips. It takes 2 days to make the holdall from start to finish. And this includes a series of large and small quality control checks, 32 in total before any bag receives the Caracalla logo.

The leather cutting machine is precise to 0.0001mm, ensuring a seamless finish to every bag.

Opi-Lux Nickel zips feature in all bags. These incredible quality zips have a longer and more complex manufacturing process than regular zips, guaranteeing teeth with no edges, a smoother slide and a brightly polished finish.

There are 26 metres of super strong and durable polyester thread with high breaking strength and optimum stretch in every holdall. The same thread is used in the manufacture of seat belts and air bags.